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Please note, for the most part images are of the art work only to maintain the

privacy of any of the participants. If faces are shown permission has been

granted by that participant. Images of participants under 18 can and will never

be shown under any circumstances.

Willow Grove Adolescent Unit, St. Patricks University Hospital, Dublin

Willow Grove Adolescent Unit is a 14 bedded inpatient facility that caters for young people aged between 13 -17 years who are experiencing mental health difficulties. The aim of the team at Willow Grove is to help young people manage their thoughts, feelings or behaviours so that they can cope better with everyday difficulties. These difficulties may take the form of depression, anxiety, psychosis, obsessions, eating disorders or just finding the experience of day to day living hard. We went into Willow Grove as part of City Artsquad to use art in conjunction with other in-house therapies to help the young people make a full recovery and also to fill the unit with artwork created by the young people. We proposed four projects to complete in our time there; a painting project which would lead to the resident's completing a finished painting on canvas to be displayed inside the unit, a stained glass project which involved using large sheets of perspex to create stained glass like panels to be hung in the garden area and also around the sports area, a mural and a wall of hand prints which the young people put on the wall upon entering the unit to leave their mark and finally a sculpture for the garden area which is ongoing and is called 'The Tree of Hope'. It comprises of a tree made from metal rods and garden wire where from which the young people can hang a piece of art or a message in a bottle when they the unit.

Oak House Homeless Hostel, Benburb Street,Dublin

I was introduced to Oak House through my work with Ciry Artsquad and worked there with Harry Walsh also of Artsquad. We  initially worked a 6 week programme where we explored the clients drawing, painting & craft skills. This was so successful that the 6 weeks was extended to 12 weeks with the idea of creating a mural in the resident's outdoor communal area. The theme and title came from the resident's themselves which in turn helped them take ownership of the project which is needed to make a project like this work.  They named it  'Pigeon House, Stone House, Oak House, The Wall'. 'Pigeon House' came from the power station chimneys in Dublin Bay, they wanted a part of Dublin to be included and afterwards that was expanded to include Guinness'. 'Stone House' comes from the cider, Oak House is a wet hostel, which means the residents are allowed drink on the premises, the majority of the residents are alcoholics and Stone House cider plays a big role in their lives. 'Oak House' being the name of the hostel and needs no explanation. 'The Wall' half and half the wall the mural is on and Pink Floyds,'The Wall'

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